"I love living at 3510 N. Pine Grove and it has a lot to do with the company that runs the place. It is always clean and anything that needs to be taken care of, gets taken care of right away! The building manager, Ozzie is also very helpful and nice at the Pine Grove apts. Whatever we need, he gets done. I would definitely recommend living at any apt PPM has to offer. You feel safe and very welcomed. The prices are not too bad for the locations and what they offer as well!"  



"I am very happy at 3510 Pine Grove. The prompt attention the staff gives when something is needed or broken has made living here more pleasant. Excellent Engineering Staff! The Building is clean and residents are friendly. The location is close to shopping, transportation and recreation venues. I also appreciate all the improvements that have been done in the building, like the new lobby which looks great and the new hardwood in the hallways!"  

Rob S.

"I've lived in 3510 N Pine Grove for two years now. Ozzie, the building engineer is awesome - he was there to fix my shower within the hour. Always has the front sidewalks clear and hallways clean. Never an issue with anything like that. I can walk to countless bars and restaurants – not to mention Wrigley Field." 

Anna K.

"The best thing about 3510 N. Pine Grove is OZZIE!!!!! He is by far the best and is extremely helpful all the time. I just resigned for another year because I know I would not get a better person at another building or through a different property management company. OZZIE Rocks!!!!" 


"I live at 3510 N Pine Grove Ave. The building manager/engineer is awesome. Any problems that need to be addressed by Ozzie are done immediately. Ozzie is always pleasant and helpful. I love living this close to lakefront, I never dreamed I would live this close to a golf course!   Overall I am very happy!"

Matthew P.