One of the latest trends for Millenniums is listening to vinyl.  Vinyl has made a comeback in the past few years. While digital music is immediate and plays seamlessly, vinyl has a definite timeframe – you can still throw an album on the turntable and walk away.   Vinyl is something that you can keep forever and many collectors purchase vinyl for the covers.  Vinyl can be passed through the generations and depending on the press number with a matching album cover, many can be worth beaucoup bucks!

Searching out vinyl shops, antique shops, and flea markets puts the thrill into the hunt.  Buying vinyl online is possible but you can’t get the rush of finding “the” perfect album plus you aren’t guaranteed the condition of a well-loved album until it arrives on your doorstep.  Keep reading to find out where the hottest vinyl shops are in the Windy City.   

Dave’s Records 


Is a cozy little shop located on N. Clark Street.  They have a huge selection of vinyl from domestic to imported to new and used records. It has a nice vibe when you walk into the shop. They sell strictly vinyl, no CDs which is a score for vinyl collectors. 

Reckless Records 


Is a group of three record stores. With three locations on N. Broadway, N. Milwaukee, and E. Madison, Reckless Records is known as an old-school record shop. They have a variety of different records and is an institution. While you are there looking for vinyl, you can also check out their DVDs and CDs. They are always interested in taking those old unwanted vinyl, CDs, and DVDs off of your hands. 

Logan Hardware Records 


Is located on W. Fullerton Ave. and is an awesome place to go vinyl shopping. They have hundreds of vinyl to look though and a museum of free vintage arcade games you are able to play. What more can you ask for while vinyl shopping then to take a break and go play arcade games!  Many of the vinyl are used but there are a few new releases. 

Gramaphone Records 


Is located on N. Clark St. and is known as a funky record store.  The store has a “club” décor that adds to the electronic and hip hop genres they feature.  The prices can be a little higher but if you find a vinyl that you really love, splurge! The staff is great and helpful. 

Record Breakers 


Is located on N. Milwaukee Avenue, right above Reggie’s Rock Club. It is an old-school shop and it has an edgy selection of vinyl. The vinyl selection here ranges from hardcore to punk to ska to classic rock.  If you’re looking for some serious beats, check out Record Breakers for a wide range of vinyl. You will feel welcome as soon as you walk in.  If you haven't already make sure to checkout our blog on Winter Is Ending, Spring Is Starting!